Benefits for Self Managed Strata Corporations

Are you on the council of a self managed strata corporation?  Do you enjoy the responsibility and results of your efforts, but wish that everything didn't depend solely on the few active members of the community?  Have you looked at working with a strata management firm and found that the costs for full management were prohibitive for a strata of your size?  Well, perhaps we can help.

We are a professional strata management firm, led by a managing broker and CPA CGA who has been in your shoes as the strata president and treasurer.   Even in the largest strata communities, there is often a shortage of willing volunteers, and that situation can be more pronounced in smaller communities.  Our "Core" and "Core Plus" Service Packages are a good balance for many strata communities and by partnering with us, you can experience the following benefits:

  1. Peace of Mind - your finances are in the care of a professional, bonded and insured firm, led by a CPA CGA.
  2. No More Record Keeping Headaches - The Strata Property Act mandated records are being professionally maintained.
  3. Save money on Legal Fees - Stop spending money on Lawyers for the preparation of Form Bs and Fs when an owner is selling their unit.
  4. No more Collection Nightmares - Just ask us to follow up with the owner in question, and let our professional processes and experience assist.
  5. More time for Critical Issues - Focus on the important issues such as your building maintenance and your strata community.
  6. Reduce your Google Dependency - Access to our Contractor List - When you need a recommendation for a contractor, just give us a call.
  7. Affordable - Tired of a ridiculous minimum monthly fee?  Our Core and Core Plus service packages are flexible - Operational and Community Support are provided on a Pay As You Go basis.
  8. Help when you need it - Our Professional Staff is just an email or phone call away.  If you need a perspective on the Strata Property Act, or on how to deal with noise complaints, etc. we're right here ready to assist you.  Stop surfing the internet for hours looking for Strata Advice.
  9. Spread the Load - Too often the council does 10 hours of work per month, unpaid, just to save ALL the owners a couple of dollars a month.  Volunteering for council can be a rewarding experience, don't be taken advantage of by other non-volunteering owners who just want lower fees.
  10. Legal Liability - Tracking owner's contact details in Word?  Finances in Excel?  We use sophisticated professional software to make sure it is done right. 
  11. Accessible - We create a document portal for each strata we work with, so that owners can easily download past minutes, certificates of insurance, bylaws and reports


Blueprint keeps your strata records and funds safe and secure.  We operate in accordance with the guidelines established by the Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner.


If you're interested in more information about how we can partner with you in managing your strata corporation, contact us at:


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