Blueprint Strata Management - Who We Are

Blueprint, is owned and operated by me, David Doornbos, a CPA CGA and the Managing Broker, opening our doors on October 1st, 2010.  By working together, we strive to provide excellent service and fulfill our commitments and more to our strata councils that we have the privilege of working with. 

I began my involvement in strata management as a new owner who volunteered to fill out the numbers on the strata council at the AGM.  From there, I began serving as the treasurer and then president of my strata council. While on council, I became increasingly frustrated with the management firm and their inability to follow through on their commitments.  As a result of doing the majority of the work as the strata president, including work that the strata management firm had promised to do, I successfully completed the strata manager's licencing course, and became involved in the industry as a strata manager.

Shortly after joining IPM & Associates I became a partner in the small firm, utilizing my excellent business skills and 15 years of experience as a professional accountant.  Given my background and CGA designation, I was responsible for the accounting and administration and was able to create, update and renew many of the processes there, and to bring them over to Blueprint to continue to benefit the stratas that we work with.

 My strengths in strata management center on the accounting, administration and legal aspects of the business, which are the core of the services we provide to strata clients.  Additionally, I am able to work knowledgeably with contractors, understanding building issues facing the strata and conveying them accurately to the strata council.  When in doubt, I tend to err on the side of caution and where appropriate invite the contractor to meet with the council in person.  This may include a brief site visit to get an even better understanding of the issue in question.

Our goal in working with strata councils is to consistently deliver service levels that meet and exceed expectations.