Strata Property Management Commitment

It can be tough to select a strata property manager for such an integral contract based solely on a presentation and some warm, reassuring words.  Before you know it, the managing broker who gave the presentation is long gone, and you're stuck with a never ending rotation of managers who aren't able to deliver on their lofty promises. 

Here is where we’re different.  We want to give you a chance to try us out.  So, when you receive your initial proposal from us, you'll notice an important difference.  Our proposal contains an initial term to the end of your fiscal year, giving us both a chance to try this out. 

"During this initial term of the contract, if you are not completely satisfied you may terminate with a unanimous vote by council."

 This will give both sides sufficient notice to ensure a smooth transition to the new strata management firm, and is significantly less onerous than the traditional requirement of a ¾ resolution at a General Meeting.

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