Strata Property Management Commitment

It can be tough to select a strata property manager for such an integral relationship based solely on a presentation and some warm, reassuring words.  Before you know it, the managing broker who gave the presentation is long gone, and you're stuck with a never ending rotation of managers who aren't able to deliver on their lofty promises. Well, here's where we're different.

We believe that business relationships work best when both sides want to be there – not when one side is locked in.

"So, when you work with us you have the comfort of knowing that the strata council can terminate the agency agreement at any time on 3 months’ notice."

We are proud of the value and the service that we deliver and we won’t hide behind an agency agreement that locks you in if you feel you aren’t getting value.

This will give both sides sufficient notice to ensure a smooth transition to the new strata management firm, and is significantly less onerous than the traditional requirement of a ¾ resolution at a General Meeting.

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