Detailed Review of Strata Property Management Services

The Strata Property Act places the responsibilities of running the Strata Corporation on the Strata Council, but allows for the delegation of many of those responsibilities to a third party such as a strata management firm.

The role of Blueprint Strata Management Inc. in relation to the Strata Corporation is to assist the Strata Council in making informed, prudent decisions pertaining to the short and long term operations of the Strata Corporation, and to ensure that decisions, once made, are carried out in an efficient and effective manner.

This extends beyond the normal concern about managing your physical and financial asset – it also reaches into how the strata corporation interacts with the strata community – assisting in the resolution of community disputes, following the process set out in Section 135 of the Strata Property Act.

To assist you in understanding how we implement our vision when working together with a strata council, we have grouped the specific services around several categories or recurring events, as detailed on the following pages.

For Council Meetings, Blueprint  will:

  • create and distribute an agenda and supporting documentation (quotes, correspondence, etc.) in advance of the meeting, to provide council a realistic opportunity to review the material before the meeting;
  • provide insight, advice and recommendations to the council based on a broad base of experience in the field;
  • provide industry and government manuals and bulletins to new council members to assist them in understanding their role and responsibilities;
  • source quotations to the council on major projects, services and expenses, and as requested;
  • assist in awarding contracts and accepting quotations;
  • assist in the application and enforcement of the Bylaws and Rules of the Strata Corporation;
  • provide council with any applicable strata or industry policy – e.g. standard policy re late fines;
  • record and distribute the minutes of the meeting in a timely manner;
  • act upon council’s decisions and instructions, reporting back to the council on a regular basis, normally at the next council meeting, but including informal discussions with council members on issues that are being worked on jointly with the council;

For Annual and Special General Meetings, Blueprint will:
  • Distribute a DRAFT Notice Package to council containing:
    • a draft budget with notes;
    • draft resolutions for bylaw and rule changes;
    • draft resolutions for spending and levying resolutions;
    • any backing documentation for the above;
    • generally, all the elements of a standard notice package, including insurance details, etc.
  • Coordinate a date & time for the meeting;
  • If requested, meet with the council to discuss and finalize the notice package, at a regularly scheduled council meeting if possible, otherwise at a special council meeting;
  • Incorporate council’s revisions, distribute to owners as per the Act;
  • Arrange for any special guests (engineers, lawyers, etc) to attend the meeting;
  • Record attendance, assist in the registration of owners and verification of proxies;
  • Record and distribute the minutes of the meeting;
  • Notice Packages shall go out ONLY AFTER being reviewed and approved by the council;

For Information / Town Hall Meetings Blueprint will:

  • Distribute a DRAFT Information Package to the council for review;
  • If requested, meet with the council to discuss and finalize the notice package, at a regularly scheduled council meeting if possible, otherwise at a special council meeting;
  • Arrange for any special guests (engineers, lawyers, etc) to attend the meeting;
  • Ensure the timely distribution of the information packages;

For Banking Services, Blueprint will:

  • establish a separate trust bank account for the strata corporation, with two signing officers for all cheques and transfer memos;
  • Reconcile the bank accounts of the strata corporation promptly upon receiving the bank statements, forwarding copies of the bank statement and cancelled cheques to the strata treasurer with the financial statements.
  • invest the excess or dormant funds of the strata corporation to ensure maximum return, at the direction of the council;

For Accounting Services, Blueprint will:

  • follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), utilizing accrual accounting to produce meaningful and understandable financial information;
  • review the financial statements with the council on a regular basis to assist in fuller comprehension and integration into decision making;
  • produce a full financial package for the strata council including:
    • Balance Sheet
    • Bank Reconciliation & Bank Statements
    • Operating Fund “Profit & Loss” Statement
    • Accounts Receivable Listing
    • Accounts Payable Listing
    • Cheque Detail with paid invoices
    • Other reports as requested  
  • collect and deposit strata fees, special levies and other monies;
  • notify owners regarding overdue accounts following a general incremental approach (all action dependant on specific circumstances and council direction), including:                       
    • repeated and determined reminders
    • application of fines and interest
    • registration of liens and notifications to mortgage brokers
    • collections in small claims court or via foreclosure proceedings
  • process payroll via Blueprint’s payroll services


For General Services, Blueprint will:

  • provide 24 hour emergency services;
  • work to keep the strata council informed on breaking issues pertinent to the strata corporation;
  • provide information requested by owners relating to the Strata Corporation;
  • send welcome letters and information packages to new owners;
  • complete all forms required under the Strata Property Act;
  • communicate with and direct contractors in regards to the services provided to the strata corporation;
  • continually monitor the contractors and seek potential new contractors;
  • when dealing with complaints between community members, give all parties a fair chance to be heard by the strata council in accordance with section 135 of the Strata Property Act;


For Record Keeping, Blueprint will maintain:

  • a current list of Strata Lot Owners and their mailing addresses and other contact information;
  • Strata Plans and unit entitlement schedules; schedule of maintenance fees;
  • Bylaws and Rules of the Strata Corporation
  • Minutes of all Strata Council, Annual General and Special General Meetings;
  • Contracts and Warranties;
  • Insurance Policies; Certificates of Insurance; Appraisals;
  • Owner and Contractor correspondence;
  • Unit Alterations and Common Property Alterations including any Indemnification Agreements;